Elias Markos Media Collection

Elias Markos has established a successful career in real estate over the past few years. Below he shares insider tips and tricks for home buyers, sellers, and fellow real estate professionals.  For media inquiries, submit a contact form.

Elias Markos

Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent Before Buying

Buying a home for the first time is an equally exciting and anxiety-inducing experience. For first time buyers, the excitement of owning a home can easily outweigh the need to be prudent and cautious.

Elias Markos

5 Benefits of Using Airbnb When You Travel

Airbnb has taken the short stay world by storm. Whereas in the past you had to contend with commercial outlets like hotels, motels, and lodgings, today you can easily “Airbnb” when traveling.

IdeaMensch Interview with Elias Markos

Elias Markos always had a love for the hospitality and Real Estate Market. Right out of University, he began establishing himself in this business. 

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